Why Everyone Should Use a Menstrual Cup

I am, with my new blog name, jumping straight into new topics and discussing (possibly) the best item I have bought all year – the menstrual cup!

If you have never heard of this phenomenon before it is basically a reusable silicone cup you can use while on your period. It looks like this: (more…)



Hii everyone looong time no see:)

I’ve been gone for so long it feels so strange and great to be back. If you’re hella confused as to who I am right now it is very understandable. I have been inactive for many months, and I just changed my name from Bookworm Who Lived to this one, Fiona’s Little Corner. So, welcome to my (kinda) new blog!

I have for a while been thinking about getting back into blogging, as I have been missing it quite a lot. Coming back under the name Bookworm Who Lived, however, didn’t feel right at all. I don’t want to be restricted to only write about books anymore, no, I want to write about everything I enjoy and think about – and that’s surprisingly enough a lot more than just books (I know, shocker). I have many different interests and I want to be able to express them all on here – so that’s what I’ll do from now on, yay. (more…)

2017 MID-YEAR FREAK OUT book tag

I did this tag last year (link), and I thought it was a really nice way to talk about the books I’ve read so far. The tag has also weirdly enough gotten extremely many views lately, so here’s an updated version for you all.

1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2017.

The Hate U Give is without a doubt a favorite. It was moving and has left such a big impact on me, and even though I did expect it to carry an extremely important message I didn’t expect to love is as much as I did. I highly, highly, higly recommend it!

2. Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2017.

There’s no doubt that is Crooked Kingdom. Six of Crows and not only did CK top that it also concluded the duology so well. Definitly the best book of the year (I know I said it was THUG, but I can’t talk about Crooked Kingdom in every question, you know.)


(Danish translation below // dansk oversættelse nedenunder)


Shadow and Bone is about Alina discovering she has this special power that basically means she’s destined to save the world. She gets taken away from everything she knows (including her best friend/crush Mal) to train her powers.

I’ve read and loved (!) the Six of Crows-duology, and this book just didn’t live up to those book at all. Like that is a whole other league.

Shadow and Bone is extremely fast paced and you have fun and enjoy reading it. The pages are flying by, and if I had owned all the books I probably would have marathoned the whole trilogy. (more…)

Stories Behind the Bookstagram #2

About two weeks ago I posted my first post in this series (link hereee), where I basically tell some of the small fun stories behind some of my Bookstagram pictures. I had so much fun making it, and you guys seemed to really like it so I decided to continue on with a part 2!

This is pretty mucg the story behind every picture I ever take. They might all seem similar, but I still do it. It is needed for, when you want that perfect one. (more…)

ALT ELLER INTET film anmeldelse // EVERYTHING EVERYTHING movie review

(English translation below)

alt eller intet.JPG

De søde folk fra Forlaget Carlsen sendte mig fribilletter til at se filmatiseringen af bogen Alt eller intet af Nicola Yoon (jeg har en anmeldelse af bogen her). Jeg tog min veninde med ind for at se den, og vi havde en virkelig hyggelig oplevelse med det. (more…)

ALL THE PRIDE | diverse recommendations

There is so much discussion about reading diverse all the time, and I too find it super important. I think of it as basically being alert that you read books that include all kinds of different people, basically just what the real world looks like. I have decided to start a new series called Diverse Recommendations (if you have any cool name suggestions it would be very appreciates). I will in each post recommend around 2 books including diversity. Since June means pride month I’ll start this series out with recommending LGBTQ+ books.


Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli (more…)


As live in Denmark I have never been properly taught American history and African-American rights and racism. That also means I have learned the majority of what I know about the subject from literature and movies.

I recently finished The Hate U Give, which follows a girl from a black ghetto right after a black teenager has unfairly been killed by a policeman. It deals with a 16-year-olds daily struggles as black and a whole community’s anger and feeling of the police more being against them than with them. It really made me realize some things about many black people’s situation in the US. (more…)