Taylor Swift Book Tag

Hellooo everyone!

I stumbled over this tag on booktube a while ago and my immediate thought was that I wanted to do this! I love Taylor Swift and I really enjoyed matching some books with her songs! This tag was originally created by The Book Life . Ok, so here goes:

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – pick a book or series that you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then wanted to break up with.

  • I recently read Daughter of Smoke and Bone and I absolutely loved the first half of the book. I was so intrigued but then the second half came. There is a place in the book where the story goes back in time, and I didn’t like the connection between the past and the future at all. I ended up giving it 3/5 stars because of the amazing beginning. I’m still not sure whether I’ll read the second one – tell me down below if you have read it and if you enjoyed it!


2. Red – pick a book with a RED cover.

  • An Abundance of Katherines is very red and also very pretty. 🙂 I read it two years ago, I think, and really enjoyed it but I’m not sure if I would like it as much today.


3. The Best Day – pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic.

  • Twilight. Definitely Twilight. I read the Twilight series when I was around 11/12 years old, and I loved it so much. I was in a big vampire phase a long time after that series. I loved the series so much. This was before I joined the book community on the internet and I had never heard a bad thing about the book. I have read the first book many times since but I do not enjoy it anymore. The first 100-200 pages are ok but then I lose interest, but I will forever remember my love for it when I was 12. Twilight and Justin Bieber were my life back then, haha.


  1. Love Story – pick a book with forbidden love.
  • Oh my thoughts go to Lady Midnight! Forbidden love can be done in many ways and where I in Daughter of Smoke and Bone I didn’t like it at all, I absolutely LOVE it in Lady Midnight. This book is so good and so heartbreaking. I need the sequel like yesterday.


5. I Knew You Were Trouble – pick a book with a bad character you couldn’t help but love.

  • In the beginning William Herondale was kind of a bad boy, but I couldn’t help but love him all the way – but I mean who couldn’t?? He’s my life, love on Will. ❤


  1. Innocent (written b/c of Kanye West!) – pick a book that someone ruined the ending for.

I’ve thought a lot about this one but I actually couldn’t think of everything else than when I got spoiled for the ending of Allegiant by Veronica Roth. I know many people have been spoiled for this one but since I did not enjoy Divergent very much I have never been meaning to read Allegiant, so it doesn’t really matter. However I have spoiled a lot of people by mistake – oops. :p


  1. Everything Has Changed – pick a character from a book who goes through extensive character development.
  • Katniss Everdeen goes trough crap and it affects her a lot. Some say they didn’t like the ending of Mockingjay but I did. I really liked that Suzanne Collin showed how much a war affects your whole life – even many years later.


  1. You Belong With Me – pick your most anticipated book release.

Lady Midnight just came out and that was one of my most anticipated releases but besides that – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for sure! I still can’t believe we’re getting another Harry Potter. I’m SO EXCITED!!

AND ALSO The Trials of Apollo is coming out in less than a month! Omg, so much excitement.

  1. Forever and Always – pick your favorite book couple.
  • I have many favorites. Will and Tessa, Percy and Annabeth, Simon and Izzie, Ron and Hermione. I LOVE THEM ALL. ❤


  1. Come Back, Be Here – pick the book you would least like to lend out, for fear of missing it too much.

That has to be Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Harry Potter was what got me into reading, but first time I read the series I borrowed the first one from the library so the second book was the first Harry Potter book I ever owned – and you can very clearly see that on my copy.

BONUS QUESTIONS (created by Katytastic) :

  1. Teardrops On My Guitar – pick a book that made you cry a lot.
  • I’m actually not a big book crier but I did cry when I read The Fault In our Stars and The Elegance of the Hedgehog. They both have some very sad endings.


  1. Shake It Off – pick a book that you love so much, you just shake off the haters.

My thoughts go to Twilight. As mentioned earlier do I not enjoy reading this as much but it has a special place in my heart – no matter what people might think or say. I just shake em’ off!!

I hope you enjoyed, I for sure had fun answering all the questions! 😀

To do this I tag: TildareadsThebookllamaBookishnessandteaCelinereadsSlayerofYA





  1. Great post!

    I would pick Lady Midnight for the forbidden love question, too! After a while the ‘forbidden love’ trope kind of annoys me, and sometimes feels as though is repeated. I have never seen a forbidden love like the one in Lady Midnight before. This is new and original. I actually don’t know how they could be together! Ah!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this post! It’s a great tag. I definitely need to try it sometime. I agree with your bad boy Will Herondale choice. 🙂 Well his temporary bad boy status anyway lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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