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I love rereading books. I love revisiting a book, I think it is such a nice thing. Since I joined the internet book community I haven’t reread as many books as I used to, because there always are some new books people are telling me to read. I think that is a shame. Even though I have discovered some great new books this year I still miss rereading books.

Skærmbillede 2016-06-14 kl. 20.11.04Some people never reread books. Reading a book takes a lot of time, it is a big commitment to read a book, so some people might say that rereading a book is a waste of time. There are a millions books out there to read, so why waste your time on a book you already have read?

I think you get a lot out of rereading a book or series. Now, let me tell you why:Skærmbillede 2016-06-14 kl. 20.11.13

My number one reason to reread a book is definitly because of sentimentality. It is a way to relive the time I read the book. An example could be that I read The Hunger Games on a vacation to Austria, so every time someone talk about THG I remember myself hiking with my family with a THG book in front of my face. That series is linked to that memory, and revisiting that series would mean revisiting those memories as well.

Skærmbillede 2016-06-14 kl. 20.11.19

Another great thing about rereading is that you now know how everything is going to play out. You therefore has time to relax and appreciate how nicely the storyline plays out. Espeically big series with complicated plots have I found fantastic to read. When you know where everything ends it is such  nice thing to see it all play out.

Skærmbillede 2016-06-14 kl. 20.11.28

Your reading taste changes so when you read a book you haven’t read in ages, your opinion will most likely change, or you will notice things you never noticed before. There are some books I don’t know if I should reread because I like remembering them as great books and I know I probably won’t enjoy them today.

Another thing that can happen is that you see surden things in a new light. I read Harry Potter for the first time when I was 7 years old. When I reread them some years later, I notiecd some new things. I was for example a lot more invested in the romantance between Hermione and Ron.

I know I miss rereading so one of my reading goals for the summer (I have a post all about it here) is to reread at least one Harry Potter book, but I hope to get to more!

Where do you guys stand on this topic? Do you reread or is it a waste of time? Let me know!



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  1. I reread books if I am super attached to them or I need to refresh m memory to continue a series. I have done a lot of series rereading this year. Some for fun *cough*acourtofmistandfury*cough*, others for the new release.

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  2. Loved this post! My life tends to be a constant struggle that goes a little something like this – to reread, or not to reread??? While I have my favorites that feel like old friends I’m returning home to when I open their pages, I always feel slightly taunted by the stack of beauties that are in my “waiting to be read” pile! Ahh…decision, decisions!

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  3. I love rereading books! I definitely did it more as a child, partially because I had a limited number of books and my parents weren’t really big on bringing me to the library or buying me new books all the time. So you read what you have, right? But even though I have more access to books now, I still love rereading old favorites.

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  4. I love rereading books! Even if my TBR pile is sky-high, I still love to reread my favorite books. It’s so comforting, like talking with an old friend, and most of the time, I’ll find something that I missed before. Great post! 🙂

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  5. Ooooh I agree with sentimentality! I remember reading Isla and The Happily Ever After on an airplane on my way back from vacation and regretted finishing it right there and then. I was holding back happy tears and ever since then whenever I read on an airplane I smile to myself thinking about the book. Not really re-reading the book per se, but it makes me go back to it a lot! It’s one of my fave books ever ❤


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