Today I am here to bring you my top 3 favorite literary pets. I love seeing pets in books, and I am excited to share my favorites with you.

3. Church from Sadowhunters

Church is, like Magnus, part of all Cassandra Clare’s shadowhunters book. He is a constant character through it all, which I really like. He is always so grumpy and I love when he picks favorites.


2. Blackjack from Percy Jackson

Blackjack is always there when Percy needs him and overall just an amazing pet. Pegasi are generally just really cool and I kind of want one. Mrs. O’Leary is also worth mentioning but I do prefer Blackjack.


1. Hedwig from Harry Potter

This is a really obvious one, but she is just really amazing. Hedwig is so clever and sweet and I love to see her get offended when Harry doesn’t give her enough attention.


That was my three favorite literary pets. Do we share any or do you have any other favorites? I would love to know!



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