We all know how amazing it is to read, but today I will go over the (many!) scientific reasons why it’s really awesome. So we can all lay back and feel really good about yourself.

  • Reduces stress

Reading is a very relaxing activity, and no matter what might be going on at school/work or elsewhere, if it’s a good book it can make you forget the world around you and you can lose yourself completely in the story.


  • Empathetic

When reading you follow another person’s life and mindset, and that will make you good at understandiing others in real life.


  • Improves Memory

There is a lot of things to remember while reading. A bunch of different characters with different interests and backgrounds, the plot and all the sub-plots. Our brains are amazing and can remember it all, and that new portion of memory will strengthen your brain to be able to remember even more.

Due to the fact that is improves your memory it also lowers likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s or dementia.


  • Help sleep

The light from screens makes your brain feel awake, and it is therefore not good to be on them before bedtime. Reading is, however, a really relaxing activity that will get you ready for bed.


  • Improve concentration and focus

The internet is all around us, and our minds change our focus from one thing to another several times a minute. Reading is a task that craves a lot of concentration on that one thing, and therefore really improves your skill to do so. You will discover that after reading for some time, you will be better to concentrate at other things afterwards.


  • Makes you smarter

You consume a lot of new knowledge while reading and you never know when it will become useful!


  • Improve verbal abilities

This is pretty obvious one, the more words you see the more new ones you learn. After seeing the same word a couple of times in different contexts you understand the meaning of it.


  • Improves imagination

Reading other people’s creations and opinions will expand your own imagination and make you get great ideas. Instead of seeing a scene take place on a screen, your brain is responsible for imagining the picture when you’re reading.


I hope you learned something from this post and now feel really good about yourselves!



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  1. I think I need to share this with some people I know. I run into a lot of people who argue that having literature classes in high school is pointless because “it will never help them do anything in their real life.” Which, of course is ridiculous. You’ll probably draw on plenty of literature knowledge even in fields like art, theatre, music, and history. But giving them concrete reasons reading is good for you might also help.


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