I recently saw some Danish booktubers do this tag, and it looked like so much fun so I asked my dear friend Tilda from Tildareads to do it with me. We had a lovely time answering the questions – let’s just get into it!

What book have I read and loved but the other one didn’t like it quite as much?

F: I absolutely loooove A Court of Mist and Fury, and while Tilda did like it she’s not nearly as obsessed as I am sadly…

T: I love the Throne of Glass series so much but Fiona didn’t love it as much. She’ll hopefully come around when she read QoS though.

F: Yeah, I don’t know I just find them kind of boring… I promise I’ll give Queen of Shadows a chance as well! (review of ToG here)

What book do you both find overhyped?

T: I hated Me and Earl and the Dying Girl so I told Fiona not to read it.

F: Well, I did anyway and I hated it just as much as Tilda. I really don’t like the protagonists humor, he was just really annoying.

What book do you both love and find underhyped?

F: I recently read If I Was Your Girl and I loved it so much. It’s an amazing book, so I told Tilda to read it.

T:  So of course I had to read it. I finished it yesterday and it was just as good as Fiona had told me. It’s really underhyped and more people need to read it!

What book have you been telling the other person to read for ages?

F: I have been telling to her to read The Book Thief in like forever and she still hasn’t gotten to it yet – you have to change that soon!

T: The Lunar Chronicles and All the Light We Cannot See are both books that I love, and Fiona needs to read them real soon!

What book are you both ashamed you haven’t read?

T: Our book club Tea Time Reader read Six of Crows last month and we still haven’t read it.

F: I even own the book. It’s absolutely gorgeous – I need to read it soon.

What is you favorite book to movie adaptation?

T: Pride and Prejudice without a doubt!

F: Yeah P&P is our number one favorite book we’ve read this year, and the movie totally lives up to it (which says a lot)!

What book are you doubting whether or not to read?

F: I am not really sure if I’ll read Passenger. The cover is stunning but I have heard mixed thoughts on it.

T: Yeah, I love the cover and really want but I’ve mostly heard bad reviews so I probably wouldn’t read it even if I’d bought it.

F: Yeah, maybe we should try giving The Darkest Minds a chance first.


That was all for today, I hope you enjoyed. Make sure to head over to Tilda’s bookstagram, because she’s really wonderful 🙂



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