Today I am starting a new series of posts, where I recommend books to popular fictional characters. The first character I’ve chosen is Voldemort.


The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown – I think Voldemort would really like the suspense this book is filled with, and he would have a blast yelling at how stupid the characters are for not having figured out the mystery yet. Besides that I think it would inspire him to find good places to hide his horcruxes.


The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank – If we assumed that Voldemort does have some humanity left, I think he could relate a lot to Anne. She goes through a lot of problems with her parents, and is generally very unhappy with especially her mother. She is also isolated from the world and feels very alone, which he definitely can relate to.


The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne – This has some of the same themes as Anne Frank, but it also gets a close on a concentration camp. Through that we hear about some people who are really hurting and having a hard time, and I could easily see Voldemort having a great time due to other people’s misery.

That was three books I think Voldemort would in some aspect enjoy. If you have any recommendations for him, I would love to hear them down below.



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  1. Love the idea of recommending books to fictional characters! And great choice of first character!

    Hopefully the last two books will also have some kind of impact on Voldemort and his world view. There’s a lot of parallels between Holocaust and Voldemort’s idea that muggleborns are lesser people, so perhaps it would affect him to see things from the discriminated’s POV. (Although he probably doesn’t have it in him to feel that kind of sympathy so it would just be to enjoy the character’s misery, I guess…)

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  2. Ahahaha genial ide ❤ Elsker at Voldemort er den første karakter du vælger ;P Jeg kunne på en måde godt se Voldemort bruge Hitlers metoder i "Anne Franks dagbog" og især i "Drengen i den stribede pyjamas" som en form for "how to kill muggles tutorial".. men han ville da klart nyde dem.. (hvis Voldemort kan nyde..) ❤

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