Last weekend I went to the Danish book con called “Bogforum”. I have been there every year since it started (I think?) and I always have an amazing time. This year I worked with one of the Danish publishing houses. I therefore spent a big part of the weekend handing out flyers and buying coffee, but I got to do it with my best friend so we had a lot of fun.

Friday I worked pretty much all day, but at the end I shortly got to meet Anne Sofie from Siamybooks, it was so lovely to meet her and we got to discuss so many different things even though we only got to talk for a short while.

That evening I was invited to a preview of the movie adaptation of A Monster Calls (book review here) and it was so amazing. Patrick Ness came and talked about the movie afterwards, but I will post a full review on the movie, so more on that later 😉

Then Saturday came, which was definitely my favorite day. The three largest publishing houses in Denmark had teamed up and invited me to a blogger event in the morning. I had a lovely time meeting so many other bloggers, and Patrick Ness, Meredith Russo and the Danish author Ronni Andersen were there. It was so awesome to hear them talk about their work, and because we only were around 15-20 bloggers, they had the time to talk a little bit with us each individually in the signing line, and I had so much fun talking with them.

Skærmbillede 2016-11-16 kl. 20.36.15.pngSigned books

skaermbillede-2016-11-16-kl-20-36-29Haul from the blogger event

Sunday was a more chill day. I was off from working early, so I spent one or two hours just walking around the convention center with my friend and looking around, before I went home. I also got to meet the three finalists from the Danish program called ‘The Great Bake Off’. I got to taste a cake by one of them, and they signed their new cooking book.

I all in all had an amazing weekend, and I cannot wait for next year!





  1. Meeting all those Authors sounds awesome! I just read The rest of us just live here and LOVED it so much I went and ordered A Monsters Calls and The Knife of never letting go right away. I can’t wait to read A Monster Calls and see the movie, your so lucky to have seen a preview!

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