I have decided to change my star rating system and make it more strict. I want to become better at using every star more, and in that way make my rating more precise and express more through it. I just quickly wanted to let you all know, and give you an overview so you understand my ratings better!

1 star – Waste of time. I hated it, and it was painful to get through.

2 stars – It was ok, but there were many things that bothered me.

3 stars – Good book, but not a story I will remember or something I would reread.

4 stars – Great book that really left an impact on me. There wasn’t necessarily anything wrong with it, but it’s not my new favorite. I will most likely reread it.

5 stars – I LOVED it. This book is a new favorite, and the story will stay with me forever. I will reread it over and over again.

It is difficult to exactly explain the difference between a 4 and 5, but it is more of feeling than something you can put you finger on. 4 and 5 stars are the books I will recommend to others. I will still give my books half-stars when I am torn between two ratings.

This counts for alle my reviews from 2017 and forward. I am not going back to change all my old ratings. I hope this all makes sense!

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  1. That’s how I try and rate my books. Loads of people will give 3 stars to a book they really didn’t like but 3 stars for me is a good book, I enjoyed it but will I reread it? Probably not, will I remember the entire plot a year down the line? Probably no🙈💖

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