Sherlock season 4 recently premiered, and I have a ton of things to discuss. If you haven’t watched Sherlock yet, go do that now! ‘Why exactly do I have to do that’ you may ask. Well lucky for you I wrote a whole list of reasons yesterday (link), so check that out and get convinced.

Now goodbye to all of you who haven’t watched season 4 episode 1. I will talk spoilers now, so please leave. Ok, bye.


Ok, wow. What an episode. So much shit happened I CANNOT DEAL. I never expected Mary to die like that WHYY. I am so sad she’s dead which I hadn’t expected. John and Sherlock’s dynamic and relationship is what makes the whole show for me, so I have always been mad at her for ruining that. Mary is so nice and badass, and I truly do like her, but I will just always prefer John and Sherlock as those two alone. Also due to Mary being so badass her and Sherlock often out shadowed John almost completely – and that I hated. So I have sometimes always been thinking that I wanted her gone. Gone so we could go back to the way it used to be. But now it actually happened, and I can’t deal. I cried my eyes out (not nearly as much as in season 2, but you can’t compare anything to that), it was so sad. The way she sacrificed herself for Sherlock, ugh…

Learning about her background and all that was so cool. I really liked that about this episode. The whole mystery didn’t catch my attention that much which I am a little sad about. It just had too many elements and just wasn’t as intriguing as the others. The whole case about the car just seemed too thought through and not realistic, and it seems very unbelievable that Mary hadn’t thought about the possibility of someone finding her through that memory stick. But yeah, all the emotions were there instead. Let’s get back to that.

John was a real bitch in my opinion. I really dislike him because of this episode which normally never happens. I don’t feel like he is like himself. First of all — he’s CHEATING? What even?? He is like the nicest and most loyal guy in the world it doesn’t make any sense… And it wasn’t like he met a girl and they just connected instantly, and he just couldn’t resist. He didn’t know her at all, he just got her number. Pretty looks that was all it took… How far did you think they went though? I discussed it with my dad and like we never saw them actually kissing or anything, but I’m sure they slept together – anything would be weird, or? And now we have to deal with all his guilt about it, oh god.

Another thing that was weird was that when Mary died, he just sat there? He’s a doctor for gods sake, normally he wouldn’t just accept her death like that. He would fight for her even though he knew the game was over. And that noise he made, what was that?? First of all it sounded hella weird, but second of all that’s not John, is it? He’s a silent guy, not a roaring and screaming guy.

Lastly his anger at Sherlock. I see that John is mad. It was Sherlock’s bullet, and Mary took it. Sherlock was supposed to be the one to die, and, I guess, it’s just easier to take the grief out on someone. I just think he has taken it way too far. He has been mad at Sherlock before, but this is in totally new way. He has crossed the line. I really don’t have patience for him to mourn and be angry. I am just so mad at him, he just behaved so weird.

I feel so bad for Sherlock. He really did everything he could, and I just keep imagining that face he had in the last scene. You know how wrong things are when he so clearly shows emotion. And when he was at therapy omg… He has developed so much, and John’s anger will definitely fuck with that.

A great new things was the way Sherlock kept lying and making things up. For example when they tracked Mary down and he started talking about math etc. I love Sherlock moments like that.

I just need the next episode to make things right. Do you think Moriarty will come in the next episode? I am sure he will. They can’t drop a cliffhanger like that (Did you miss me?), and then leave it be until the last episode. But if he comes back, what will John do? How long will he be mad? I can’t imagine Sherlock handling Moriarty, and John staying out of it. Maybe they will start working together because of Moriarty, and then John will slowly ease up. That would be great.

Also John (and Mary) have a baby now. I liked how they had to figure out how to handle that in the middle of all the craziness, and I liked Sherlock’s little conversations with her. For a moment though, just imagine John moving back in with Sherlock with the baby too. I can’t help but ship those two really hard, and the thought of them LIVING TOGETHER WITH A BABY. It’s too good, too good.

What did you think of this episode? I am looking forward to Moriarty’s return in the next episode (it just has to happen, it has to). As I said the mystery definitely didn’t intrigue me as much as the mysteries usually do (which honestly doesn’t say much, ’cause I love them), but all the emotions. Oh sweet lord, all the emotions. What do you think will happen in the next episode? John will forgive Sherlock, right – RIGHT?



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  1. I was shocked to see how John was acting in this episode too. I feel he did that because he was hurt that Mary lied to him and he never ACTUALLY forgave her, plus I don’t trust that woman, i feel she is sketchy. For a minute at the end I thought John killed himself, since all mary said was “save john” , and then when Sherlock came he was not there… I got scared for a minute😅. I’m really intrigued to see how John and Sherlock’s relationship will develop in the next episodes, since what happened with Mary shaped them both!!!


    1. I totally agree it’s going to be really exciting. And Mary is so sketchy, he knew that but decided to marry her anyway. It is then totally unfair that he blame her death on Sherlock, I feel like he knew there was a risk she’d die knowing about her past and all.


  2. I have a love-hate relationship with Sherlock (the show, not the character…). I really want to like it, and I do like parts of it, but so much is over-the-top and doesn’t make any sense. Moffat has also been writing Doctor Who, and one characteristic of his writing seems to be that he goes for big drama at the expense of all else. Does it make no sense? Does it contradict canon? Is it out of character? Doesn’t matter, it’s going to happen because it’s dramatic!

    I totally agree John was out of character, and I don’t get the whole ending with him refusing to speak to Sherlock because 1) it wasn’t his fault and 2) we’ve kind of had John doing this before when Sherlock pretended he was dead. I don’t really know what’s supposed to happen from here.


    1. Well, I love the show but this episode was a little disappointing. Yeah, exactly I dont understand where they want to go with him being mad at Sherlock again… I just want him to forgive him and move on, I don’t want to spend so much time on that.


  3. I’m so upset at the episode!!! I feel like they’ve completely ignored logic and conveniently placed things where they want to just to create drama. The standard wasn’t usual Sherlock Drama and YESSS, would John just it there? Why? Was he thinking it was an easy way out because of the other girl? That doesn’t sound like John! And why was sherlock so weird this time (weirder?). It just felt badly executed. Better that most shows but not Sherlock standard. I’m a little disappointed.


    1. I agree it didn’t live up to their standard at all, and yeah I dont get John at all. Also he knew about Mary’s background when he married her, he knew what he was walking into, so it’s just so unfair to blame it all on Sherlock…

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