I have already shared my favorite books of the year, and now it is time to talk about TV shows! This  year I discovered some great new shows, and I am really excited to share them with you. Also a weird thing about this, is that all the shows starts with S. Anyway, let’s get into it.


Stranger Things

Everyone has been talking about this new Netflix show, and it is truly worth the hype. It follows a group of kids in the 80’s, who lives in a little town in the US. One night one of them goes missing and a bunch of strange things starts to happen. It has amazing characters and it is really action packed at the same time. When it comes to TV shows I like to watch either sitcoms or girly shows, which this definitely isn’t. It’s really creepy, so definitely try it out even though it might not sound like something you’d normally watch. There’s also only eight episode so it’s manageable.



This show has, as the one above, the perfect balance between great characters and action. It takes place in modern-day London (not about an old man with a pipe, no), and follows Sherlock and his side-kick John Watson as they solve impossible mysteries. Sherlock is absolutely hilarious, and I would highly recommend it. I have a full list of reasons why you need to watch it here, and I  also have a discussion up for episode 1 in season 4 up (link). If none of this will convince you, then just watch it for the british accent. British accent is always a good reason.


This is a new Norwegian show, which has taken the world by storm. New York Times has written about it, and yeah it’s just gotten really big, which I understand so well. It follows a group of teenagers at a high school in Oslo as they make friendships, fall in love and find themselves. The premise is like so many other TV shows, but I promise you it is so different. The writers have done a lot of research, and they capture so well just how it is to be young in 2016. It also have some amazing messages, and really teaches us what to do and what not to do. It currently has 3 seasons out, each following a different protagonist, and the 4th will come out in the spring.

That was my favorite TV shows of the year! I think I will do one on my all time favorites very soon, as well, I just have to narrow that down first. Did you watch any of these shows this year? Or do you have some other favorites? Also thank you so much for 300 followers it means so much.<3



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