HAMILTON CHALLENGE | bookstagram and read-a-long

I have collaborated with my best bookstagram (and blog) buddy Tilda, from tildareads, and we have created a Hamilton bookstagram challenge. It is taking place from February 1st to March 17th and there is a challenge for each song. To participate post your pictures under the hashtag #HAMTILOMECHALLENGE. I am really looking forward to seeing all of your pictures and I will of course feature some of my favorites on my Instagram (@bookwormwholived). If you haven’t listened to Hamilton (first of all, what are you doing?? Get on that, it’s amazing!) you can of course still participate in the challenges, you just won’t understand the references to the songs – we can still have great fun though.

We are also doing a read-a-long for ‘Hamilton: The Revolution’. We will each day read the song of the day (including all the essays etc. up to that point), and then have daily discussions in a chat group on Instagram (contact me or Tilda and we will add you!). 

Are any of you planning to participate? If you have any questions regarding any of this please don’t hesitate to ask them!

Skærmbillede 2017-01-23 kl. 17.42.26.png

2/1 Alexander Hamilton – 5 facts about yourself
2/2 Aaron Burr, sir – Book that makes you smile
2/3 My Shot – Future ambitions
2/4 The Story of Tonight – Favorite book squad
2/5 The Schuyler Sisters – Feminism
2/6 Farmer Refuted – Character who should just shut up already
2/7 You’ll Be Back – Book you want to reread over and over
2/8 Right Hand Man – Good leader
2/9 A Winter’s Ball – Show-off
2/10 Helpless – Fictional crush
2/11 Satisfied – Book you wasn’t satisfied with
2/12 The story of tonight (reprise) – Hidden relationship
2/13 Wait For it –  Anticipated release
2/14 Stay Alive – Bad decision
2/15 Ten Dual Commandments – Duel
2/16 Meet Me Inside – Character you want to protect
2/17 That Would Be Enough – Series that should have stopped
2/18 Guns and Ships – Character development
2/19 History has its eyes on you – Book that’ll become a classic
2/20 Yorktown – Epic fight
2/21 What Comes Next? – Waiting for sequel/want spin-off series
2/22 Dear Theodorsia – Absent parents
2/23 Non-stop – Book you couldn’t stop reading
2/24 What did I miss – Popular book you haven’t read
2/25 Cabinet battle #1 – Underdog character
2/26 Take a Break – Book that left you in a slump
2/27 Say No To This – Bookish temptations
2/28 The Room Where it happens – Popular fandom you want to be part of
3/1 Schuyler Defeated – Dramaqueen
3/2 Cabinet battle #2 – Broken promise
3/3 Washington on your side – Character playing favorites
3/4 One Last Time – End of an era
3/5 I Know Him – Sassiest character
3/6 The Adam’s Administration – Bad leaders
3/7 We know – Plot twist you saw coming
3/8 Hurricane – Worst decision made in a book
3/9 The Reynolds Pamphlet –  “Have you read this?”
3/10 Burn – Book you cried the most to
3/11 Blow us all away – Impressive character
3/12 Stay alive – Dead character you miss the most
3/13 It’s quiet uptown – Bookish denial
3/14 The Election of 1800 – Lose-lose situation
3/15 Best of Wives and best of Women – Favorite female character
3/16 The World Was Wide Enough – Villain you feel bad for him
3/17 Who lives who dies who tells you story – Favorite books of all time



  1. This sounds like such a fun and exciting idea (and who am I to reject anything Hamilton?) I’m not the best at challenges on Instagram AT ALL but I really want to participate in this so I can’t wait! Unfortunately I don’t have the book so I can’t read along but I hope you guys really enjoy it!

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