I recently shared my favorite books of the year (link), and now it is time to talk about the worst. I read so many amazing books this year, but some did disappoint, and today I am here to talk about them. These are the ones that disappointed me the most, the ones that failed my expectations. Let’s get into it!

American Gods by Neil Gaiman – This is a very strange book, and I might see why some people find that entertaining, but for me it wasn’t a good form of strange at all. The plot didn’t make sense to me, and I never liked the characters. It is 600 pages long, and I gave it 1-star. This just shows how bad I am at DNF-ing books, sigh.

The Problem with Forever  by Jennifer L. Armentrout – Jennifer is very popular for her Lux series, so I was excited to read one of her books. I did, however, not enjoy this one at all. I really didn’t like the main character and the way her love interest basically took care of her. It reminded me a little bit of Twilight in that sense. Yeah, don’t recommend.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – This book was ok, it just didn’t blow me away the way I had expected it to. I found Cath a bit too extreme for me to relate with her, and the plot moved very slowly. I later read Carry On and I enjoy it a lot, but I didn’t like to hear about that story mixed with Cath’s during Fangirl. But Levi totally did live up to the hype! I have a full review for it here.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas – This is one of the most popular series out there, and my expectations were therefore also skyhigh. I was sadly let down very hard. I had already read ACOTAR and ACOMAF when I started this book. ACOMAF is one of my favorites of the year, which only made me look even more forward to Throne of Glass. But yeah I found it pretty boring. I have continued on with the series. I did enjoy The Assassin’s Blade. Crown of Midnight was ok. Heir of Fire took me two months to get through. I still have Queen of Shadows and Empire of Storms to read, and I will try to get to them before the finale comes out this fall. Hopefully I will like them more. If you want to hear why I didn’t like this book, then I have a review here.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews – This was besides American Gods the worst book I read this year. It was absolutely awful and I really didn’t like it. The main character thought he was really funny, but I just found him extremely annoying, and the plot just never caught me. If you enjoyed it, good for you! I just didn’t.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by Jack Thorne – This wasn’t the worst book of the year, but the one I am the most sad about not liking. I don’t really want to talk about it. The plot didn’t make sense and the characters weren’t as great as they usually are. I didn’t expect it to be amazing, but I did expect way more than what we got. I did enjoy it when I read it, but not like a Harry Potter book. I really don’t accept it as canon.

So those were all the books that disappointed me this year. Please don’t take it personal if I didn’t like your favorite. These are all well-loved books, I am the outsider who found them disappointing. If you want to hear more about books I don’t like (for some reason I love to hear about the books people don’t like??) I also have the Unpopular Opinions Book Tag, Popular Books I Find Overhyped and Popular Books I Find Overhyped pt. 2.

What was the most disappointing read of the year for you? 



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  1. Life would be boring if everyone loved the same things. I did like ToG but I don’t think it had quite so much hype when I read it so my expectations probably weren’t as high.

    I can also kind of understand what you mean about Fangirl and The Problem with Forever, I think they also suffer a bit from too much hype leading to disappointment.

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    1. I agree it’s easier to go in without all the pressure. Although I stubbornly look for good qualities in the book if it’s a popular one. Sometimes that actually makes me like a (in my opinion) good-ish book better because of that.

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  2. I finally find someone who thinks like me with respect to fangirl, I really read it because of the hype surrounding it but it did not work for me, I think it’s a simple story and I don’t get attached to the characters at all, it’s a shame but I just don’t felt anything

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