Tilda is currently staying with me in Copenhagen, so we decided it’d be fun to do a collab together. We have created some book inspired question to see who’s most likely to… which also gives you the opportunity to get to know her a little better. She has the amazing blog Tildareads, and we did a second part of her blog, so go check that out afterwards 😉

Who’s most likely to… ruin a book?

Fiona: Fiona
Tilda: Fiona

F: On accident or for bookstagram?
T: Both I guess? I mean you did burn a book for a picture…
F: I have some who are damaged by snow as well.
T: Exactly.
F: But I never ruin them on accident.
T: Yeah me neither but I don’t normally ruin them for Instagram either.
F: What about coffee?

Who’s most likely to… have a book hangover?

T: Tilda
F: Tilda

T: I mean I couldn’t read anything for so long after Crooked Kingdom…
F: I just haven’t marathoned a series in so long which is really sad…

Who’s most likely to… read too many books at once?

F: Fiona
T: Tilda

F: I reading like 5 books right now, but I also probably wouldn’t if I wasn’t in a slump.
T: I always have like 4 books I’m reading at once (more if you count the once I’m actually putting at hold) but then again I’m also usually reading one more seriously.
F: My standard is like 3 books. One audio, one heavy which takes forever and a main one.
T: Yeah same.

Who’s most likely to… win The Hunger Games?

T: Fiona

T: Why tho??
F: I just feel like I would function better out of my comfort zone.
T: Yeah. I hate new environments so…
F: And I want to travel and see the whole world.

Who’s most likely to… play quidditch?

F: Fiona
T: Fiona

T: I just kinda see myself watching instead of playing I guess. Although being a seeker would be kinda cool.
F: I would like to be a beater that would be cool.
T: Yeah you’d make a great beater.

Who’s most likely to… try a new genre?

F: Fiona
T: Tilda

F: I don’t know if it’s true, but I’d like to think that it is.
T: Yeah same here… I honestly don’t think either of us do it that much.

Who’s most likely to… fall in love with a fictional character?

F: Tilda
T: Tilda  

F: That’s not even a question.
T: Yeah I have a lot of fictional crushes.
F: Same, but you’re more invested.

Who’s most likely to… become a part of The Dregs (fit in with the group, not become a criminal)?

F: Tilda
T: Tilda

F: I think they would dislike my loud and laughing personality haha.
T: I mean yeah probably. (No offence tho) I kinda like people who don’t have to be all social and cheerful all the time so yeah.

Who’s most likely to… be in a reading slump?

F: Fiona
T: Fiona

F: We all know this.
T: Without a doubt.

Who’s most likely to… do a bookish reference in daily life?

F: Fiona
T: Tilda

F: I don’t know, but I’m always taking myself explaining a reference and being like ‘oh never mind, you don’t get it’.
T: Same, I mean I don’t have anyone to say the reference to.
F: I do have some, which I do do it with.

Who’s most likely to… get mad at a book?

T: Tilda
F: Tilda

F: Back to the thing about you being more invested.
T: Yup.

Who’s most likely to… deny having been a fan of Twilight?

F: Fiona
T: Tilda

F: Ok, no. I used to, but now I stand by it.
T: I mean I probably wouldn’t deny it but before I definitely did.


That was all for today (unless you check out Tilda’s part here).  I hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you’re most likely to in the comments! I’d love to see you get a friend and do this challenge so be sure to link it if you do.

Love, Fiona

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  1. Hi there! I just came across this post of yours and your blog in general and I couldn’t help but comment and tell you how much I love this! Keep up the great work, I am going to follow you so I can keep up with all your new posts!

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      1. Aww you are so welcome, you have a great blog! Do you have Twitter or Instagram? I just created accounts and would love to follow you!

        Liked by 1 person

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