I just watched this speech from Blake Lively about child pornography. It broke my heart completely, and I immediately knew I had to share it with you all. Hearing the numbers and the stories she presents are so frightening, and I almost teared up. She tells about some really, really terrible things, so be aware of that if anything like that triggers you, but I hope you will all watch it and help create awareness around this.

I talked in my last post about abusive relationships, and I got some amazing comments from you which I really appreciated. I really want to make people aware of the issue, and then I discover this. I had no idea child pornography was such a big problem, but it’s so great to see that Blake and the whole organization is fighting for this cause. There are so many awful things going on in the world, and it makes me so sad to see. If anyone out there is struggling with anything similar to this, know that I think of you, and that people are trying to fight it and help you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing.

    There are a lot of issues I think people assume don’t happen in the world or that don’t happen “here” (wherever they live), and sadly that’s often not true.


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