I have been a little absent from my blog for almost all of 2016 (at least I have felt out of touch with it), so I decided I wanted to tell you guys how and why I started my blog. Hopefully it can also remind me of all the joy blogging has given me — and gives me!! — because it truly does give me a lot.

So, I started my blog in the end of March in 2016 (so I recently had my one year anniversary, yay), but to tell you how it started we have to go way back, since I was part and aware of the online book community long before that. In the summer 2015 I discovered booktube. I had a long period where I didn’t read very much. Or I did read like maybe one book a month, and I did consider myself a big reader, but it didn’t contain as much of my everyday life as it does now. I remember asking almost everyone ‘What are you favorite books?? Can you recommend me anything?’, because I really felt like I had read the whole world. Or at least everything interesting. That was until I discovered booktube.

Booktube quickly made me discover how wrong I had been, and how many great books there were out there. I started reading more and more, and for the first time I begun to care about owning the books I read. I got extremely excited about reading all these new books no-one knew here in Denmark. In December I read around 7-8 books, and I felt so cool. My mind raced around reading 24/7 and I watched a million booktube videos. I often thought about joining as well, but I felt too awkward and insecure about my english accent to really start Youtube.

I don’t remember how I exactly got the idea, but after reading those 8 books in a month I decided to start my bookstagram account. I had no idea how big of a community it already was and how great of an impact it would bring on my life. I posted daily there (and still do), and kept watching a lot of Youtube meanwhile. I did often feel like I  had more to tell, than the IG captions allowed, but I did not think further about it. In the beginning I also wrote reviews on my Instagram, but I just never felt like it worked very well and quickly stopped. I was so aware of Youtube, but I never read blogs and it didn’t feel like an obvious option to start that.

Skærmbillede 2017-05-15 kl. 17.58.04.png

My first Instagram picture ever.

I am now really embarrassed to tell you what finally made me start my blog. I have seriously never told anyone this, because the reason changed almost the minute I started, but yeah here we go.

As I slowly grew bigger on my bookstagram, I started discovering all these Danes who were getting books from different publishers (see where this is going?). I looked at them, and they all had the same following as me on Instagram, so I thought it must be the blog part that I was missing (it was probably also about the fact that I hadn’t contacted anyone, but oh well). So I started my blog, because hey I wanted free books!


I began on March 26th 2016 (you can see link to my first post here, it is very, very brilliant). I spent some time researching around about getting review copies and so on in the beginning, but it quickly stood clear that I only could run a blog if I really wanted to write. And I did (can you tell how much I am trying to convince you, that I am not doing this book money anymore??).

Having this blog has made me realize just how much I love to write. I love to talk with others about reading, and it had also made me realize how much I love to discuss different issues in general. One of my biggest wishes is that I get better at writing all the discussions that swirl around my head non-stop.

That first Spring I only posted a little bit, but I did not start for real until June. I had a few exams that month, but nothing to do besides that so I went all in and posted in total 17 posts. It was also the month I hit 100 followers, and I was so proud. I felt passionate, and I loved what I was doing.

If someone asks me now about starting a blog I will always say, “Do it if you think it would be fun.” I would never tell anyone to do it for free stuff, money or anything like that, but I needed that extra push, I guess. Even though it was stupid I am glad it made me start, because I love being here.

This turned into a longer story than I originally  had expected, so I’m impressed if you stuck through. I would love to hear (maybe a shorter version) what made you start blogging, and if you have any wishes for posts in the future always let me know!



  1. thanks so much for this post. while reading it, i thought about, why i started my blog. it was probably a decision done in a minute. i have a lot of friends, i can talk to about books. but sometimes you read stuff that nobody else reads and maybe you have something to say about that. so i wanted a place, where i can do that. i usually don’t like writing goodreads reviews and i even don’t know why. because most of the time i have to say so much more about a book. so here i am 😀
    also, i need to check out your bookstagram account, i love bookstagram ❤


  2. Hi, my name is David but everybody on my facebook friends list just calls me ‘spottedwolf’!.. I started writing thinking maybe one day a publisher might read it and who knows!!…Anyways, I was wondering if you read all 9 chapters, watcha think?…I’m still trying to figure this wordpress out, like how do I get my picture to come up on my blog?.. Ya know, things are just so much easier on my ‘Blogger’ account!.. Anyway, thanks again for reading my post!!..


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