Stories Behind the Bookstagram #2

About two weeks ago I posted my first post in this series (link hereee), where I basically tell some of the small fun stories behind some of my Bookstagram pictures. I had so much fun making it, and you guys seemed to really like it so I decided to continue on with a part 2!

This is pretty mucg the story behind every picture I ever take. They might all seem similar, but I still do it. It is needed for, when you want that perfect one.

Nat (my friend in the picture) and I had just found the perfect position for her to sit in, when my little brother’s friend arrived. He’s eight and he was apparently feeling like being hella annoying so he ran in front of the camera with that racket thingy non-stop. My camera roll is now filled with pictures switching between being Nat sitting with the book and ones with the racket. So yeah, it wasn’t as idyllic a situation as it might seem like.

I was at the beach with my family just planning to take a few pictures with the book in front of the ocean. My dad’s girlfriend, however, had other plans and kept trying to convince me to let it drown. I finally surrendered and I’m happy I did. The book is today in a perfect condition (weirdly enough, you can’t even tell it’s been in the water!), and I got those great pictures.

cornelia fryser.JPG

This is mostly just another example of how sweet and great my sister is when it comes to my crazy picture plans. She almost didn’t complain about the fact that she had to lay face first in the snow, and she took it so well even though I took my time and started rearranging her hair.

The day after Christmas Eve my mom wanted to drive out to a forest and go for a walk. I got kinda annoyed and complained that she always wants to do stuff and I just wanted to stay home with my new gifts. But my mom knows me, and she suggested that I could just bring a book for pictures. She laughed at me when I later was over the top happy, because I got these great shots.

That was all my stories for todayyy, let me know if you have done anything crazy/funny for a bookstagram picture or a blog post for that matter!

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