Hii everyone looong time no see:)

I’ve been gone for so long it feels so strange and great to be back. If you’re hella confused as to who I am right now it is very understandable. I have been inactive for many months, and I just changed my name from Bookworm Who Lived to this one, Fiona’s Little Corner. So, welcome to my (kinda) new blog!

I have for a while been thinking about getting back into blogging, as I have been missing it quite a lot. Coming back under the name Bookworm Who Lived, however, didn’t feel right at all. I don’t want to be restricted to only write about books anymore, no, I want to write about everything I enjoy and think about – and that’s surprisingly enough a lot more than just books (I know, shocker). I have many different interests and I want to be able to express them all on here – so that’s what I’ll do from now on, yay.

So yeah what can I tell you? I’ve, since last time, started the Danish high school where I have chosen to take A-level social studies and math.

But yeah, I feel really excited to start blogging here again, I am filled with energy to discuss all kinds of new things with you all (you’ll have to follow along to see what exactly). I hope you look just as much forward to it as I do:)

Until next time xx



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