Why Everyone Should Use a Menstrual Cup

I am, with my new blog name, jumping straight into new topics and discussing (possibly) the best item I have bought all year – the menstrual cup!

If you have never heard of this phenomenon before it is basically a reusable silicone cup you can use while on your period. It looks like this:


mens kop standard 2

And you basically insert it into your vagina while on your period, and it stores your blood. Simple as that. You use the little tap there at the end to pull it out once it’s filled, and then it goes on from there.

But why use this cup you might be asking? Lucky for you I’m here to persuade you.

The two most heard arguments for using the cup are:

  1. You buy one and it is promised to last just about 10 years, and it replaces pads and tampons, so you save a ton of money.
  2. It is sustainable and eco-friendly.

It’s basically amazing for both the environment and your wallet!
In my opinion those are reasons enough to run to the store and buy it, bUT there’s more.

I got the menstrual cup about half a year ago and it has changed my relationship with my period completely.  Since cup can obtain more blood than the biggest tampons/pads, you don’t have to change it nearly as often.

How much you bleed is of course very personal, and I can only speak for myself on this matter, but I can go 12-24 hours (depending on which day in my cycle I’m on) between emptying it. This means I can check up on it every morning and night, and actually totally forget I am on my period during the day. – Aaah ok, that’s maybe a lie. I still have my hella painful cramps, but I forget about the bleeding part and that feels amazing!

Aand another bonus! You can swim without it affecting the cup at allll. It works so much better than swimming with tampons.

It sounds pretty wonderful, now doesn’t it?

Buttt if you’re still questioning it a little bit, don’t worry I am ready to face your doubts. I’ve told a lot of people about how much I love this cup, and the two skeptical questions I get every time (and that you might be sitting with) are:

But how can you be sure the cup doesn’t leak?

This is of course a possibility, but I have never ever leaked. Never.

What you need to be aware of, is knowing how to put it up properly, and after that you’re safe. If it is folded or anything like that it will most definitely leak, so you gotta make sure you’re doing it right. It might take a little while to learn how to quickly insert it in the right way, so take your time in the beginning. I would also recommend wearing pads during the first cycle you try it, just to be sure you have done it correctly.

Another common question I get is:

Isn’t it uncomfortable having such a large cup inside you? Can you even excercise? 

Yeah no, I can’t feel it at all. At all. And I’m even only 16, so I’m still rather small or whatever. Yeah, I believe it can work for everyone.

If you do, however, struggle with tampons I’d suggest trying to get comfortable with that first, but I have heard of people who hates tampons and can make the cup work, so you might be one of them!

Now, that I have (hopefully) persuaded you into buying one, let’s get to the more practical part:

When inserting the cup, you can fold it in different ways. I personally know of two, and I’d say try both and see what works best for you.

I find it easiest to insert it when folded like in the left picture, but afterwards I sometimes can’t make it fold out and sit properly. I have therefore started to fold it like the right picture, so that’s what I regularly do now. But again, try both and see what works for you. These things are all so very personal.

Every time you empty it rinse it with some water and preferably also soap, and after every cycle boil it, so it is ready for next time.

There are of course also instructions about all this hygiene stuff on the cup’s package, but be sure to have clean hands when handling it etc etc you don’t want all kinds of bacteria up there.

kogende menstruationskop

So last but not least, where do I buy one? Which brand should I use?? And what about sizes?

You can buy it at most pharmacies and drugstores. There are different brands providing the cup. I personally have the OrganiCup which has worked perfectly for me. The DivaCup is also big on the market. Just buy the one you want, I haven’t seen bad reviews about any of them.

In regard to size they only come in to variations. One for women under the age of 30 who hasn’t given birth and a bigger one for women over the age of 30 and/or who have given birth. So that’s pretty straight forward.

I hope you ladies out there could use this and go buy one!

Does any of you have a cup already, if so what’s your experience with it? And please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this!

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PS. One last period tip: use the app Clue to track your period, it has helped me a lot:)



  1. great entry. my friend tried to convince me for a while and I never quite felt like I should give it a go but now I will most definitely. thanks for such an enlightening article.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful article and wonderful message! I love using the menstrual cup! It is so liberating! I think it is so important to share the message as often as we can in a positive and approachable way. Thank you for getting the message out there. Looking forward to reading more on your lovely blog! Love, Ina ❤


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