Book Fair Haul & Meeting Adam Silvera

This past week I went to a blogger event and the Danish book fair with Tilda, and because of that I got a lot of exciting things to show and tell you.

Wednesday, last week, I went to a blogger where the Danish authors A. J. Kazinsky and Sarah Engell came, a long with the British Mhairi McFarlarne. I loved listening to so different authors all talking passionately about their writing, and I had a lot of fun at the event.

From the event I got all the pictures you can see below, I think that tote bag might be a new favorite.

ilovebooksbloggereventThank you so much to all the authors, BogForum, HarperCollinsNordic, Politikkens Forlag and Carlsen Puls for such a lovely event and all the gifts.

Friday Tilda came and stayed with me, so we Saturday could go to the actual book fair together. At the book fair we were really excited to meet Paula Hawkins and Adam Silvera. I had stupidly enough forgotten Paula’s book at home, so we only came and saw her interview, but she did make me super intrigued about her new book; Into the Water!!

After that we went and saw Adam Silvera and got our books signed. This was especially for Tilda a very, very big deal, and  you should all check out her blog post here where she talks about why it was so important to her.


Lastly I went to the Danish bookstore Arnold Busck, who gave me the most amazing goodiebag. I am especially really excited about the journal/calendar they gave me, I think it will be my new years resolution to try to use that.

arnold busckbooksdiarywriting

That concludes my haul and experiences from this past week. Don’t forget to check out Tilda’s post, it’s really amazing and important.<3

Have any of you read any of the books? If so, please share what you thought of them!

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