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Hiii, I’m Fiona and welcome to my little corner of the internet 🙂

I am a 16 year-old-girl from Denmark (little country in Scandinavia – you might know it as the capital of Sweden which is ISN’T (yeah, we get very offended)). I have for a year and a half run this blog filled with loads of book related posts under the name Bookworm Who Lived, but recently decided to expand my horizon and make my blog more general and just what I feel like discussing.

I have loads of different interests, I watch way too much Netflix and Youtube and read a whole lot, I kick box, play the violin, I have the biggest passion for math(!), I’m very into discussing all kinds of society problems (like let’s say feminism:)), and I also love baking and cooking, and you can expect me to write about it all on here.

Besides this blog I have a Instagram with a main focus on books, a Goodreads and a Twitter, so you can follow me there as well.




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